Chinese Finance Search Platform Jianpu (Rong360) Files for US IPO

Jianpu Technology, the directory and search service of online finance company Rong360has filed a US IPO of up to US$200 million.

Jianpu operates an online platform where users can search for financial products, compare terms and conditions, and apply for loans or purchase personal investment products. Research results of loans or credit cards are not only based on the user’s needs but also his or her credit profile, according to its filing.

It also provides users a credit management tool and educational content. Jianpu claimed to have 63.6 million monthly active users in the first half of 2017, up from 34.8 million a year ago.

More than two thousand financial products providers, including both conventional financial institutions and the newly emerged digital finance companies, listed more than 100,000 products on Jianpu platform as of June 2017.

Apart from helping them acquire customers, Jianpu also offers third-party businesses custom data, big data-based risk management solutions, and other related services.

The company’s revenues are primarily generated from referral fees from loan products (on a cost-per-action basis) and credit cards (on a cost-per-success basis). Other revenue sources include display and performance-based marketing and risk management solutions.

Source: Jianpu Technology

Source: Jianpu Technology

The company hasn’t turned a profit yet. It recorded an operating loss of US$6.5 million on revenue of US$58 million in the first half of 2017.

Incorporated in 2011, the company launched the loan search service in 2012, credit card section in 2013, wealth management products section in 2014, big data risk management solutions in 2015 and Gold Cloud, the online transaction system, in 2016. Jianpu is a newly established subsidiary of Rong360 which also operates an online consumer lending platform. The credit offerings provided by Rong360 are also available on Jianpu. Jianpu will continue to be run under the “Rong360” brand.