ChinaFintech – Ride-hailing Network DiDi Now Offering Full-fledged Financial Services

Screenshot of DiDi Financial Service Page

DiDi, the leading mobile ride-hailing service, has tapped into online consumer lending, auto leasing and sales financing, personal investing and digital payments.

Most of the current lending offerings are funded and administered by banks and other financial institutions. DiDi provides data and analytics capabilities to partner third-parties.

The six-year-old service claims to have accumulated more than 550 million riders and 21 million registered drivers.

Personal Loans

DiDi recently dark launched a new payment option that offers riders a 500 yuan (US$75) open-end credit line. It is funded by a local small loan company. (link in Chinese)

Earlier in April, DiDi app added Dishui Dai (滴水贷), which provides unsecured personal loans up to RMB200,000 (US$30,000). Funded and administered by XWBank, the online direct bank minority-owned by smart device maker Xiaomi, the loan was designed to be available to some 100,000 select accounts on DiDi for the initial launch. (link in Chinese)

After making an investment in DiDi in early 2016, China Merchants Bank began to provide car installment loans to DiDi drivers. All DiDi drivers could apply and credit decisions would be based not only on the credit history of the driver but also the data provided by DiDi. China Merchants Bank claimed they’d be the only bank to finance new car purchases by Didi drivers. (link in Chinese)

In August 2017 DiDi registered a loan company, Chongqing Xi’an Micro-credit Co., Ltd.(重庆西岸小额贷款有限公司) (not official translation).

Auto Leasing and Sales Financing

DiDi established a financial leasing company, Zhongfu Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Ltd. (众富融资租赁上海有限公司), in March 2016. It now provides financing options to car buyers and auto leasing and sales companies on the subsite for car listings within DiDi apps.

In 2016 DiDi added Di Fenqi (滴分期), a car installment loan available to all app users, that finances car purchases through dealers and car leasing companies on its platform. (link in Chinese)

In March 2018 DiDi registered an issue of RMB 100 billion (US$ 15 billion) ABS backed by auto leases to finance new car purchases by car leasing companies on its car listing subsite.

Money Market Fund

DiDi Jinjubao (金桔宝), launched in March 2017, allows users and drivers to buy into a money market fund with their account balances. The fund is managed by a domestic mutual fund company.


By working with third-party insurers, Didi offers auto, travel, and health insurance plans to both drivers and users, and some creative offerings such as a “traffic jam” insurance.


Didi fully acquired digital payment company Gaoyang Jiexun (19Pay) in December 2017.

In 2016 DiDi and China Merchants Bank issued co-branded debit and credit cards.


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