China Fintech — Didi Begins Extending Credit to Drivers; First Consumer Credit Reporting License Granted

Didi, the leading ride-hailing service, has begun making short-term loans up to RMB19,000 (US$ 3000) to drivers on its platform.

Didi runs simple credit screenings and recommends creditworthy accounts to third-party lenders, including banks and consumer finance companies. (Source in Chinese)

The company has previously rolled out a variety of financial products and services to drivers, including a car finance product (Yidi Fenqi), a money market fund (Didi Jinjubao), and auto insurance.

Didi registered a loan company in August 2017 and fully acquired digital payment company Gaoyang Jiexun (19Pay) later in December.

China’s central bank, or PBoC, has granted its first license for personal credit reporting to Baihang Zhengxin Limited (百行征信有限公司), according to the PBoC announcement.

The National Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA), a state-backed trade group, holds a 36% stake in it and the eight companies greenlighted by the PBoC to develop their own consumer credit reporting systems in 2015 each holds an 8% stake.

Four of the eight companies are owned by or affiliated with major tech companies. They are Zhima Credit Management Ltd. (芝麻信用管理有限公司) of Ant Financial, Tencent Credit Ltd. (腾讯征信有限公司), Qian Hai Zheng Xin (深圳前海征信中心股份有限公司) and Kaola Zhengxin (考拉征信有限公司), formerly with Lakala. Each of them launched their own big data-based credit scoring system in the last couple of years and are offering consumer credit to their users through their mobile apps and websites.

Baihang Zhengxin is registered in Shenzhen. Zhu Huanqi, the chairman and president of the company, is the chairman of the state-owned Huida Asset Management and formerly a mid-level official at the central bank.


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